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M&A Advisory

…Newport M&A Advisors manage sell-side and merger transactions ranging from $10 million to $250 million or more for non-sponsored companies, companies backed by financial sponsors, family-owned businesses, and corporate owners….

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GovCon Landing Page

…led their companies through the transition and Subject Matter Experts to assist in development of their company’s specific graduation plan. At the end of the 6-month program, each company will…

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Pigs Get Fat; Hogs Get Slaughtered

…later, the company finally initiated a sale process. But market conditions had changed dramatically. A full-blown industry shakeout was happening, public company comparables had plummeted, and no one wanted or…

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“Newport was our sole exclusive advisor who worked with us from “cradle to grave” in managing the sale of our company. We quickly got to know them, liked them, and, most importantly, trusted them. With that basis, they expertly structured a transaction process that was transparent, organized, and ideal in all respects for achieving our objectives. Newport managed the process with the utmost integrity, diligence, and expertise, and we ultimately sold to a publicly-traded company on optimal terms. They may well be the best sell-side advisors serving the lower middle market. Our transaction could not have been handled better.”

Diana Fongheiser
Former Co-Founder/Managing Partner

Newport Logo

“Newport provided exceptional support during one of the most critical times in the business’s entire lifecycle. Their guidance and stalwart reliability were paramount in the transaction process. Newport went above and beyond at every step of the way and I give them my highest recommendation.”

Josh Courtney, DO
Founder and CEO

“Newport worked with my company for years to build enterprise value by providing strategic advice, executive coaching to a number of our executives, executive team building, and, ultimately, advising us on our highly successful sale to a strategic buyer. They are experts at advising clients on building and then realizing value.”

Mike Rippey
Radiator Express (since sold)

“We are very pleased to have partnered with Newport LLC for this transaction.” Newport’s team was instrumental in helping DataWatt Solutions find the right partner, and they were an integral part of negotiating the terms of the transaction. Newport provided sound advice and insight to our management team throughout the process. Their knowledge of private equity firms who are active in our industry was critical to finding the right partner.”

Martin Burkhart
DataWatt Solutions

“Newport managed one of the most complex transactions in which I have ever been involved – a strategic acquisition from dozens of individual investors, a debt financing with a large, non-bank institutional lender, and challenging interpersonal dynamics – with utmost skill, professionalism, and persistence. The advisors you want in your corner.”

Dan Williams
Amerit Fleet Solutions

“As a family business, we were always looking for ways to guarantee SSC’s continued success for future generations. We believe our partnership with Division 5 will create opportunities for our employees and our new, combined company while allowing us to continue providing excellent customer service to customers, new and old. The Newport team helped us achieve our objectives and complete the transaction in the middle of a pandemic. We couldn’t have done it without Newport’s commitment to us.”

Jim Brewer
Founder & CEO
Structural Steel of The Carolinas

“Newport managed the very successful sale of our IT services/mobile app development company to a name-brand strategic acquiror with consummate professionalism. Highly skilled and experienced in highly complex M&A transactions, they are the best of advisors and advocates for their clients – honest, transparent, and responsive.”

Rachit Shukla
Two Toasters (since sold)

“We invited Newport to work with our leadership team to help execute on the vision and growth strategy. As a global company with a dominant position in the Urban Mobility industry, we needed to transform our business model and provide additional services to our customers to maintain the competitive edge. In this regard, Newport  was instrumental in advancing our M&A strategy. In addition, our leadership team itself was undergoing transition with the appointments of a new CEO and CFO. With assistance from Newport’s team, the newly-formed deal team had to quickly learned about each other’s strengths and working styles. They worked with us to not only guide us through the process of target sourcing but also were instrumental in representing our brand to the prospective target companies. Their soft touch approach, deep expertise in growth strategies and execution, and willingness to roll-up their sleeves was instrumental in our success. Newport’s calm demeanor and voices of reason helped save the day often times when emotions were running high. They have been an absolute joy to work with and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organization that needs C-level Whisperers for continued success.”

Rohit M Chande
SVP, Engineering Services
Amano McGann

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