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Opportunities abound at Newport for senior level executives who excel at helping middle market CEOs maximize their company's value.

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Newport Partners are some of the most talented senior executives and board leaders in the country. Our partners use their strategic talents, operating skills and business savvy to help middle market business owners and CEOs grow their companies, build wealth, and realize their dreams. When businesses thrive, so do their customers, employees and communities. Achieving that kind of impact is what energizes us.

To expand the partnership Newport is looking to recruit executive talent with either private or public company backgrounds, as well as senior management consultants with C-suite experience. We also welcome successful solo practitioners who enjoy collaborating with top tier peers to solve complex business challenges. Our environment is both entrepreneurial and collaborative, and operates out of 9 hubs in major cities across the U.S.

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Newport is looking for new Partners who bring extensive and successful C-suite skills and a deep network of peers. If you have also served as a Board Director or worked to manage or develop boards, all the better. Our work is with both publicly-traded and privately-held businesses, including PE and venture capital portfolio companies. The skill sets and experiences that most exemplify our partners:

  • Executive level communication skills
  • Raising capital
  • Develop a strong management team
  • Lead high performing teams
  • Quarterback a successful sale of a company
  • Attract, engage, and retain talent
  • Strategic Planning
  • Build infrastructure to scale
  • Optimize functional areas such as finance
  • Implementing transformational change
  • Prepare for intergenerational transfer
  • IT, human capital, and marketing
  • Optimizing operations
  • Build and manage board

If this is the kind of work that gets you up in the morning let’s start a conversation. We are looking forward to hearing from and getting to know you.

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