Case Study

Aligning a High-Technology B2B Company In a Competitive Environment

Man moving chess piece


  • The company was experiencing a significant lack of alignment between stakeholders
  • The misalignments were significantly impacting the company’s important challenges and leading stakeholders to question the long-term viability of the entity


  • The Newport partner was engaged and began by providing a strategy workshop for stakeholders
  • Providing this forum allowed for all key personnel to be heard, share insights and discuss their key concerns
  • The workshop began with clarifying the vision, mission, shared values and culture of the organization
  • A SWOT analysis was performed, markets were scoped, products and services were evaluated, and competition was assessed
  • Key success factors were identified and a five-year plan was produced with clearly-defined long and short-term priorities


  • Within a few months, the Newport partner was asked to join the company’s Board
  • At the first Board meeting, the Newport partner was appointed Board Chairman
  • In addition to his Chairman role, the Newport partner continues to working closely with the company’s CEO to turn continued challenges into opportunities for success