Case Study

Business Model Transformation: Banking and B2B Payments Software Company

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  • Company revenues under threat from emerging fintech competitors
  • Business model needed to transition from traditional software development, sales and maintenance to a cloud-enabled, Software-as-a-Service subscription model
  • Enhancement of mobile account opening, reporting and transacting capabilities was also imperative


  • The Newport partner served as strategic and financial advisor and contract negotiator
  • Developed a budget and three-year forecast while the client’s search for a new CFO was in process
  • Partnered with heads of sales and marketing to develop a new go-to-market plan, set sale quotas and incentives and create client communications and sales presentations
  • Negotiated a marketing and distribution agreement and equity stake with a mobile fintech partner


  • SaaS subscription revenues totaled $339 million for the fiscal year ended mid-2020
  • Client realized a significant gain on its equity investment when their mobile fintech partner was acquired