Case Study

Monetizing Innovative Technology Within a Deal Environment

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  • A high-tech company had developed a new platform technology and was in the midst of negotiations for a transaction with another company
  • The company had very limited experience in negotiating and managing the process for the type of transaction that was being contemplated


  • A Newport partner entered the process toward the end of the deal negotiation and analyzed the proposed transaction, as well as short- and long-term options available for the client other than the proposed transaction
  • This evaluation was assisted by IP experts engaged through Newport’s network of experts
  • Once the assessment had created a 360 degree view of the company’s prospects, the client determined that the proposed transaction was not the optimal path for maximum value creation


  • By following the additional steps structured by the Newport partner, including the development and implementation of a defined IP strategy, the company was granted additional patents and effectively positioned itself to successfully monetize its disruptive technology
  • The Newport partner’s deep experience with transaction negotiation among technology players, combined with financial, legal and IP expertise from past experiences serving as a CEO, led the company to a more successful path forward
  • The company now fully owns and controls its disruptive technology with a stronger and revamped IP position
  • Multiple paths to significant monetization were created, including potential industry sector investors, Fortune 500 companies interested in innovative technology and additional financial sources
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