Case Study

Preparing a Privately-Held Logistics Company For a Private Equity Purchase

Two men meeting at a table


  • A privately held $18M logistics company was struggling with the transition from family to professional management with many family leaders and lack of direction
  • The company lacked a growth plan which would assure proper succession and financial benefit to the existing founder’s family
  • Newport was introduced to the company by company’s family legal counsel for family business succession planning


  • A Newport partner worked with all interested parties to serve as a family liaison and to develop a strategic growth, succession, financial and operational plan to meet diverse needs
  • Ongoing management team and family leaders were assessed, positions were defined, identified and ultimately filled
  • A five-year growth and transition plan targeting $100M in revenue was implemented and closely monitored


  • The $100M revenue target was realized early in year four with 20% EBITDA margin growth
  • Newport was retained to help develop next five-year plan to achieve profitable revenue of $200M
  • The business was successfully sold to a private equity investor for a substantial return for the founding family members and the professional management team, with management returning to operate the business for the new private equity investor