Case Study

Pulling an Information Services Company Out of A Growth Stall

Reviewing charts & graphs on canvas


  • The company found itself in a significant stall from a growth perspective
  • For the past ten years, operations had been “bootstrapped”
  • The company needed to get unstuck from its current state and restart its growth engine


  • The Newport partner was engaged to serve as the interim CFO
  • Strategic financial expertise was provided and applied to tackle current challenges
  • Guidance was provided to transition to a SaaS business model
  • KPIs were defined and processes were created for budgeting, financial projections, and company valuation
  • An advisory board was created as a critical management tool for the CEO


  • The company achieved 25% revenue growth in the first year
  • Customer retention rate increased 60% with a 30% increase in customers
  • The improved metrics have drawn the attention of a potential acquirer
  • Newport is now assisting the company with plans for an expected exit