Case Study

Reenergizing an Exporter’s Ability To Effectively Address Market Demands

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  • The company is a marketing exporter of quality consumer goods
  • The outlets for its goods include big box, eCommerce and redistributors in Asia
  • Management was making “knee-jerk” decisions to begin new business ventures without appropriate consideration and vetting
  • Business processes were lacking and inventories were growing
  • Cash flows were not being properly managed and profitability issues were emerging


  • Two Newport partners met with the CEO and management team to better assess challenges and define the desired results
  • The root causes of many of the existing challenges were identified and defined
  • Long and mid-range goals were developed, along with implementation strategies and specific action plans to achieve those goals
  • Disciplines were structured to ensure consistent implementation and enable more effective execution management
  • Ownership and accountability processes for monitoring results were implemented


  • Stabilized cash flows, loan compliance and banking relationships
  • Improved gross and operating profitability
  • Achieved a 30% inventory reduction and improved turns
  • Developed a standardized methodology for addressing new markets
  • Internalized all accounting and reporting functions
  • Attained the management team’s consensus regarding the company’s strategic direction
  • Optimized business processes and human capital allocation
  • Created a culture of performance and accountability throughout the organization
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