Case Study

Turbo-Charging Organic Growth In a Struggling SaaS Company

Sherri Wolf

Sherri Wolf

2 min read
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  • A SaaS company was experiencing a several-year growth stall
  • Annual recurring revenues were declining and the number of active customers was shrinking
  • The Board was struggling to find answers and the search for a capital infusion was unsuccessful to date


  • A Newport partner rebuilt and turbo-charged the revenue generation engine by:
    • Optimizing marketing channel mix and spend
    • Overhauling and expanding the sales team and sales operations
    • Focusing the customer success team on proactive, data-based support programs


  • Revenue began an upward trajectory within 90 days, jumpstarted by the Newport partner’s overhaul of the sales team
  • Within 24 months, the company experienced:
    • 40% annual recurring revenue growth
    • An increase from 70% to 85% in customer and revenue retention
    • 50% improvement in growth efficiency