Case Study

Working On Versus In the Business To Recalibrate A Rapid Growth Company

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  • The company was a high-flying business using sophisticated technologies in a highly specialized industry
  • Maintaining year-over-year growth was proving increasingly challenging
  • The CEO was overwhelmed with the amount of day-to-day work running the business


  • The Newport partner conducted an independent assessment of the company
  • The expertise of other Newport partners was tapped to assist and identify key issues
  • Client concentration, CEO overload and dependence on large government contracts had resulted in the company’s defocus from the development of products destined for scalable commercial markets
  • The Newport partner helped the company scope its market, refresh its product strategy, identify areas of demand growth and address the needs of new commercial clients
  • New strategic partnerships were forged that accelerated growth prospects
  • The company was professionalized in all silos of operation and an exit strategy was developed


  • The Newport partner’s deep background led to a better understanding of how technology, finance and strategy had to be integrated to achieve long-term success
  • The partner assisted in recruiting new board members, networked with industry leaders and larger corporations, and attracted strategic partners that could benefit from the company’s innovative products
  • The Newport partner helped the company prepare for institutional funding by connecting it to market leaders, as well as developed a professional board, a dynamic market strategy, and a competitive pricing strategy
  • A new organizational structure was also formulated to effectively support the company’s future growth
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