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Jerry Baty

Jerry is an experienced CEO, Outside Director, CFO, and entrepreneur, with an impressive track record of success across a wide range of sectors and stages of growth.  He has operated at the start-up phase, through to successful Exits, including sale

Sep 26 •7 min read

Joe Denis

Joe is experienced in Growth Strategy, Marketing, Sales & Business Development with an extensive record of growing global business value, igniting revenues and driving profitability.  His unique blend of revenue growth skills, both strategic and

Jan 31 •7 min read

Danguole Altman

Danguole is an experienced CEO with a history of success in life sciences and health care services. She has founded two successful firms, raised over $40 Million in capital and recruited top-notch management teams. Within health care services, she is

Apr 01 •7 min read

Randy Leeder

Randy brings extensive CFO and business experience, with an enthusiasm for practical results, to help entrepreneurial companies reach their goals and become more successful. He works with clients to establish financial best practices that provide goo

Feb 21 •7 min read

Martin Rosendale

Martin Rosendale is a seasoned CEO in the biotechnology and medical device industries with over 30 years of experience leading successful product development and commercialization. Hands on management experience and passion for the human and business

Feb 21 •7 min read

Jed Dunn

Jed is a successful entrepreneur and executive who, as owner and CEO of Coleman Resources, built a regional commercial printing and specialty manufacturing company that provided design, printing, fulfillment and logistics services. He repositioned th

Feb 21 •7 min read

Fred Fink

Fred has been successful both as an executive and an entrepreneur. Much of his career has been spent in different sectors of the healthcare industry. As founder and CEO of Optical Resources Group, a consolidator in the wholesale optical laboratory in

Feb 21 •7 min read

Don Rosenkoetter

Don has extensive experience in the life science industry, with successful experience with start-ups, major multinationals and management/strategy consulting firms. Throughout his career, his focus has been on identifying, assessing, acquiring/licens

Feb 21 •7 min read

David Wilson

David has had a very successful career as a consultant in the U.S. and globally. Over many years with Ernst & Young, he has held leadership roles in technology and other consulting practices. In the 1990’s David held leadership positions for EY

Feb 21 •7 min read

Chris Efessiou

Chris is an accomplished executive, director and entrepreneur recognized for his distinctive expertise in guiding executive teams to transform science-based endeavors into profitable commercial enterprises.  His roles in management, operations, mark

Feb 21 •7 min read