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Pharma is stepping up to the pandemic in unprecedented means, and Newport is there to help

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Life Sciences/Pharma

Our Life Sciences/Pharma practice is dedicated to helping clients whose work improves and saves lives. Newport’s Life Sciences/Pharma Partners have decades of deep senior operating experience starting, scaling, optimizing and exiting companies successfully. Our expert knowledge, hands-on experience and trusted relationships in the life sciences/pharma ecosystem can help you: 

  • Develop vision, strategy, and implementation road maps
  • Build top performing teams to accelerate product development and optimize results 
  • Introduce new products that satisfy unmet patient needs and comply with payer mandates 
  • Improve service levels, grow revenue, and enhance capital and fiscal performance with strategic partnership initiatives 

Newport life sciences/pharma partners deliver practical, hands-on, strategic and tactical guidance on time and on budget and serve as fractional executive talent in CEO, CFO, strategy, business development and human resources roles

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Life Sciences / Pharma Partners

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David Wilson Headshot

David Wilson

Boston, MA
Managing Director


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Chris Efessiou Headshot

Chris Efessiou



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Kevin Fleming Headshot

Kevin Fleming

Las Vegas, NV


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