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Newport has expertise in all content types including 3D and AR, and media syndication and distribution models.


Media & Entertainment

Gone are the days of unbiased journalism and the FCC as a watchdog protecting against too much media power in the hands of too few companies

The state of media and entertainment is one of concentration of power in the hands of the big tech companies, accelerating technology driven turmoil and reconfiguring of markets, audiences and business models. Threats and opportunities abound for middle market companies, both growth companies and legacy companies needing to pivot.

Newport partners have lived and operated through many of these gyrations and offer a uniquely qualified and experienced perspective and set of talents and tools to help middle market companies quickly strategize and execute.

Our role in client engagements are customized to the needs of the particular client and situation typically including


  • Fractional or interim level positions
  • Board memberships
  • CEO Advisory
  • Strategy consultants

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Rosa Zeegers

Los Angeles, CA


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