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Although the term “nonprofit” generally is used to describe an organization that works to serve a public purpose, rather than to provide financial benefit to any particular individual, corporation, or entity, they share many of the same challenges that for-profit companies face as well as several challenges that are quite different. For instance, non-profit organizations seek to expand the value to their “beneficiaries” as compared to shareholders in a corporation. This creates benefit measuring and monitoring challenges, constant fund raising to meet the goals of the organization and recruitment, governance and management structure challenges.  

Creating and maintaining budgets and effectively managing cash builds donor confidence. Non- profit organizations and their effectiveness are being scrutinized more quickly and are subject to rigorous due diligence by donor organizations.

At the same time, donors are also looking at how a non-profit manages its human capital, including compensation, recruitment and diversity; the impact an organization delivers to its beneficiaries and the impact on society and the environment; and how it fulfils unmet needs and maintains focus, fostering trust in the organization by the donor community. 

Newport LLC can help you achieve your organization’s goals and help move your mission forward. Newport LLC partners frequently serve as board members, interim management, strategic advisors and in project management roles to non-profit organizations.  Whether you need a targeted guidance or a comprehensive solution, Newport LLC partners can help you get there.

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Susan Kearney Headshot

Susan Kearney

Managing Director


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Mark S. Dailey Headshot

Mark S. Dailey

Stamford, CT


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Mark Rosenman Headshot

Mark Rosenman

Newark, NJ


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Irene Helsinger Headshot

Irene Helsinger

Houston, TX
Managing Director


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David Wilson Headshot

David Wilson

Boston, MA
Managing Director


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Michael Condron Headshot

Michael Condron

Chicago, IL


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