Technology is a fundamental underpinning of every industry. Newport works with CEO’s and boards to deliver product, go to market, organizational development, and financial performance

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Technology is ever-present, and ever-changing, in the 21st Century at an accelerating pace. It manifests itself through economic and societal impact, disrupting and changing business, in the creation and delivery of products and services, in the way we reach clients, in the use of data, in automation and artificial intelligence, in communications, manufacturing and in the use of our energy resources from production through transportation and storage.  Newport provides a unique platform with the latest resources and experience in Technology, Information, Manufacturing and Energy. Newport partners, all experienced former serial CEOs and senior executives of sizeable businesses, have leverage their experience and these resources to help CEO’s of middle market companies benefit from technology and digital transformation, to affect change that leads to success in staying ahead of competition and to accelerate the value creation process in their business.

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