Urban Mobility

Urban mobility is undergoing fundamental change, such as mobility-as-a-service, and increased planning for multiple modes of transportation.  Newport can help. 

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Urban Mobility

Newport partners have in depth experience in the Urban Mobility industry. We have worked with clients on the development of US strategies and helped successfully drive an acquisition program for an established international industry participant. Our perspective is informed by deep experience guiding and assisting parking industry companies with a variety of needs. We’ve been in the trenches, planning, doing, measuring and learning – the hard way. We can help you:

  • Build top performing teams to achieve superior, consistent results that increase profitability
  • Introduce new products to target profitable customer segments and reward deep relationships
  • Develop vision, strategy and implementation road maps for new channels
  • Improve service levels and grow revenue with strategic partnership initiatives

Newport urban mobility and transportation services partners quickly deliver practical, hands-on strategic and tactical financial guidance.

Newport Partners knows how to position your company, enhancing your value proposition through quality, variety, service and aggressive pricing, exhibiting competitive advantage out pacing your competition.

  • Product branding and innovation
  • Operations expertise
  • Retail market penetration
  • Marketing support
  • Process improvement
  • Business development
  • Growth guidance

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