Barry Selvidge

Atlanta, GA
Technology Professional Services Telecommunications

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" - Wayne Gretzky

Areas of Engagement

  • Corporate Renewal & Turnaround Management – providing strategic leadership, direction and change management to rebuild momentum and morale within a company and/or restructuring to increase profitability and return on investment capital based on strategic growth priorities and strategies.
  • Capital & Transaction Readiness – effectively preparing companies including M&A advisory, liquidation event or restructuring & recapitalization.
  • Contract Management – track and chart current contract processes and workflow, identify integration requirements, determine review and approval stages.
  • Risk Management – strategically assessing and practically reducing risk exposures including contractual, operational, HR and administrative areas.
About Barry

With over 30 years of experience as a founder, operator and chief legal officer for public and private companies, Barry provides wise and trusted counsel to his business owner clients. A veteran business and legal advisor who has walked in his clients’ shoes, Barry’s unique combination of entrepreneurial, corporate and M&A experience helps early stage and middle market companies accelerate growth and prepare for exit. His distinctive ability to look down the road through both entrepreneurial and legal lenses aids closely-held businesses in anticipating and avoiding pitfalls and mitigating risk. Barry is also a creative deal-maker whose mediation and arbitration abilities help navigate the special challenges experienced within family-owned companies.

Client Results

Founded and operated an outdoor advertising company that gained 100 Fortune 500 clients, accomplished annualized revenue growth of 50% and profitability within 3 years, and successfully sold for 20x EBITDA.

As a Newport partner, restructured a highly-visible media company by streamlining operations, revising processes, refinancing debt and achieving sustained profitability as interim COO.

As a Newport partner, guided the structuring and successful launch of multiple affiliates for a parent company as a CEO advisor.