Bill Rusitzky

Financial Services, Media/Entertainment, Technology
“Your best customers will lead you to great places if you are able to listen.”

About Bill

Bill is an experienced executive with technical and business expertise to help Newport’s clients develop sales channels, strategy, drive innovation, create products, align teams, and leverage industry partnerships/acquisitions. He has a track record of leveraging technology to create exceptional customer experiences and solve customer’s business issues creating new paths to revenue. Diverse experiences include operating executive driving global revenue with multiple exits, trusted advisor to CXOs and non-profit boards.

Client Results

  • I drove $300M/year in sales at major technology company using both direct and indirect sales.
  • Turnaround CRO resulting in positive revenue growth for first time in a decade. Created multiple new products and additional revenue streams. Transformed multiple businesses to subscription service. Successfully sold company to strategic partner and Private Equity.
  • I developed multiple C-Suite customer programs that drove major transition, new products and creation of revenue.
Bill Rusitzky

Areas of

  • Innovate Your Business Model
  • Optimize Marketing, Sales, & Customer Success
  • Develop & Launch New Products
  • Build Infrastructure to Scale
  • Restructure and Turnaround
  • Align Customer Facing Operations
  • Acquire and Integrate a Business

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