Brent Sapp

Consumer Products, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Technology
“Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” Proverbs 21:5

About Brent

Brent Sapp is a “Fog Cutter”, guiding Business Owners through the murky waters of complex operational problems to a place of clarity and decisive action.  He knows that Business Owners must battle the “Tyranny of the Urgent” on a daily basis. He also knows that it is essential for Owners to gain awareness and objectivity so that they can identify what they must focus on, and equally important, what they must ignore.

Brent Sapp has worked with over 1000 Business Owners in the past ten years, many in the Inc. 5000.

Brent is the consummate “Chief Ally” to facilitate the NEWPORT resources you will need to fix specific operational and strategic problems. Brent is also a quick-start catalyst for Owners/Founders of growth companies to maintain momentum and prevent a stall in “No Man’s Land”, the growth stage when companies are too big to be small and too small to be big; and when over 90% of growing companies fail.

In 3-6 months Brent can fix operational issues to break through No Man’s Land in 4 critical categories: Market, Management, Model and Money. These “4M” issues cripple growing companies and prevent them from achieving scale; such as:

  • Team misalignment on strategy and execution
  • The transition from a “loyalty” based culture to a culture based on “performance”
  • The lack of a clear, profitable, and scalable Value Proposition

Brent uses his experience with Business Owners/CEOs to:

  • Surface and prioritize the critical operational issues
  • Align the Owner’s team around a simple but powerful execution exercise
  • Helps the company create the best Value Proposition that will provide a competitive advantage and maintain profitability as the company continues to grow.

Brent knows how to free up business owners to do what they do best, in order to maintain top line improvement.

Client Results

  • Catalyst to implement strategy for three years for a tech company in Huntsville, AL to increase revenue 57% which led to company sale for $240M.
  • Catalyst for an online game firm to reduce operational and strategic risk in order to gain capital required from a PE firm to fund growth.
  • Catalyst to create and implement the execution plan, for a company in Ohio, to successfully place their new product on the shelves of Walmart.
Brent Sapp

Areas of

  • Advise on leadership team strategic alignment and priorities.
  • Advise management and boards on short and long-term K.P.I.s.
  • Advise on prioritization and execution to maintain growth and profitability momentum.
  • Assist executive teams on shifting basis of company culture from loyalty to performance.
  • Advise on value proposition, marketing and branding.
  • Advise on innovation and product development.
  • Advise on risk management.

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