Brent Sapp

Tampa, FL

In 90 days: Your growth challenges specified and prioritized with proprietary tools; your team aligned, and your sustained strategy to scale the business created.
About Brent

Brent Sapp has worked with over 1000 Business Owners in the past ten years, many in the Inc. 5000.

Brent is the consummate “Chief Ally” to facilitate the NEWPORT resources you will need to fix specific operational and strategic problems. Brent is also a quick-start catalyst for Owners/Founders of growth companies to maintain momentum and prevent a stall in “No Man’s Land”, the growth stage when companies are too big to be small and too small to be big; and when over 90% of growing companies fail.

In 3-6 months Brent can fix operational issues to break through No Man’s Land in 4 critical categories: Market, Management, Model and Money. These “4M” issues cripple growing companies and prevent them from achieving scale; such as:

  • Team misalignment on strategy and execution
  • The transition from a “loyalty” based culture to a culture based on “performance”
  • The lack of a clear, profitable, and scalable Value Proposition

Brent uses his experience with Business Owners/CEOs to:

  • Surface and prioritize the critical operational issues
  • Align the Owner’s team around a simple but powerful execution exercise
  • Helps the company create the best Value Proposition that will provide a competitive advantage and maintain profitability as the company continues to grow.

Brent knows how to free up business owners to do what they do best, in order to maintain top line improvement.

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