Chris Efessiou

Consumer Products, Healthcare, Life Sciences/Pharma, Professional Services, Technology
”I did the best I could until I knew better. Now I know better so I do better.” Paraphrased from Maya Angelou

About Chris

Chris is an accomplished executive, director and entrepreneur recognized for his distinctive expertise in guiding executive teams to transform science-based endeavors into profitable commercial enterprises.  His roles in management, operations, marketing and business development were always guided by his deliberate challenging of the status quo and his quest to engineer a better mouse trap. For nearly 30 years he has advised, developed and commercialized more than 30 new products and services in the global biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, device, instrumentation and healthcare services.

As CEO of an advisory firm he founded, SRxA Strategic Pharmaceutical Advisors, he led his firm to develop and leverage a network of key opinion leaders in 12 medical specialties to advise industry stakeholders in clinical and business matters, including the development of the professional communications campaigns which helped a small unknown product become the largest in the US OTC market, advancing a specialty lifesaving product to a 4x increase, engineering a customizable marketing vehicle which produced the largest known ROI in the industry, and others.  Earlier in his career, Chris merged his first two life science service companies and led their acquisition by a Cardinal Health operating company.  He now serves and has served as board director of several organizations. He is a past management committee member of the US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council, and a founding mentor of the Maryland Tech Council Venture Mentoring Service.

Client Results

  • Advised the CEO and executive committee of a $2B MLM consumer products company on restructuring its product lifecycle process, optimizing development and marketing operations resulting in 30% SKU reduction and improved profitability.
  • As fractional CEO of a PE portfolio company developed and brought to market a memory-enhancing supplement in 11 months with less than a $0.5 million investment.
  • Co-founded and served as CEO of a joint venture firm for the purpose of acquiring and developing a novel delivery compound. Successfully developed and out-licensed the product in 3-years’ time.
Chris Efessiou

Areas of

  • C-Suite advisor and hands-on support
  • New product development, launch and life cycle management
  • Optimize operations, marketing, sales, and customer success
  • Build infrastructure to scale, restructure and turnaround
  • Acquire, merge and integrate a business
  • Strategic partnerships, joint ventures and business model innovation

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