David Wilson

Managing Director
Manufacturing, Professional Services, Transportation
“Know what makes you successful, and add others to complete the picture.”

About David

David has had a very successful career as a consultant in the U.S. and globally. Over many years with Ernst & Young, he has held leadership roles in technology and other consulting practices. In the 1990’s David held leadership positions for EY in Europe, setting strategy and managing European and global consulting businesses. By 1999 the practices he led had grown to the point that his oversight responsibilities covered over $400 million of annual consulting revenues. After EY sold its consulting businesses to Cap Gemini of France, David returned to the US and led a number of businesses for the merged firm. David has defined, sold, and delivered consulting work in industries ranging from medical devices and pharmaceuticals to food manufacturing, airlines, and general manufacturing. He did important work in developing early computer and network security protocols and remains active in that arena. His own consulting work, typically consisting of a combination of strategy and technology, has often been engaged directly by the client CEO and involved close collaboration with client boards.

Client Results

  • David currently works with a specialty wine distribution and logistics business and assists with strategy, governance issues, accounting, and systems integration issues.
  • David has worked with a major legal firm in the North East in assisting one of their clients manage a number of governance and board issues.
  • David Chairs the advisory board of an emerging Cyber protection company that focuses on end user training and awareness.
David Wilson

Areas of

  • Help organizations articulate a Vision for their future that can drive their strategy and use of resources.
  • Advise entrepreneurs on long-term exit strategy to be acquired by a larger, strategic buyer.
  • As an independent board member, bring perspective on corporate vision, strategy, ethics, Board effectiveness and governance.
  • Advise companies on aligning their sales, products, people and operations with market drivers of value.
  • Advise on key issues around talent, roles and responsibilities and organizational structure.
  • Advise on technology to facilitate creation of profitable business models and drive performance improvement.

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