Dennis Albano

Boston, MA

About Dennis

Dennis has had impressive accomplishments as a CEO of companies ranging from start-ups to large divisions of public corporations. He was until recently CEO of Zixi, Inc., a breakthrough software service for live video delivery that enables high-quality IP video transport over the Internet to any device, anywhere. There he doubled the company’s valuation and landed key media industry leaders as partners. Before that Dennis was CEO of Signiant, an Internet technology start-up company spun out of Nortel. His leadership helped the company to reposition itself as a first of a kind media content delivery application. He grew the business from re-start to cash flow positive; raised $35 million in venture capital and won recognition as a market leader.

Earlier in his career Dennis held a number of leadership positions with other technology companies in sectors including communications monitoring and information appliances. Dennis spent 14 years with Compaq/Digital Equipment, rising to VP of Sales and Marketing for the Workstations Division in North America.

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