Frank Paterno

Managing Director
Healthcare, Life Sciences/Pharma, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Real Estate
Always bring more to the table than you take away.

About Frank

Frank is a seasoned health executive. He has achieved significant, sustainable results for client boards and executive leadership on initiatives dealing with clinical care delivery, strategic planning, capital programs, operations/financial improvement, restructuring, technology and growth at the enterprise level. Frank has also lectured on these topics at client sponsored seminars, professional society meetings and on local radio programs.

Client Results

  • RESULT #1:  Restructured an existing mid-size health revenue maximization business to reposition itself, resulting in increased annual revenue of almost $18 million over 3 years, and increasing their market cap at sale by $ 22 million.
  • RESULT #2:  Designed 3 revenue enhancement programs for hospital-based physicians, yielding an annual recurring increase in revenue of over $200 million.
  • RESULT #3:  Executed real estate solutions for clients to increase market share and program expansion, resulting in a reduction in service outmigration by almost 36%, and revenue growth of $25 million annually.
frank paterno

Areas of

  • Firm Strategy & Positioning
  • Restructure and Turnaround
  • Leadership
  • Board and Governance
  • Customer Experience

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