Gigi Anil

Manufacturing, Professional Services, Retail
“Don’t water your weeds.” -Harvey Mackay

About Gigi

Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Leader with 30 years of experience in implementing optimal improvement activities and cost reduction solutions by applying World Class Manufacturing concepts. Innovative, result oriented executive with passion and drive for manufacturing. Consistent success in achieving cost, productivity, quality and on time delivery goals for a variety of manufacturing lines by utilizing, optimizing/rationalizing processes. Specialized in manpower planning, lean manufacturing, industrial engineering, process improvement and efficiencies, modeling/building incentive systems, building high performing teams.

Client Results

Business Results – Customer Service Department

  • Decreased Cost by 31%
  • Increased revenue by 10%
  • Decreased lead time by 33%
  • Increased shop floor efficiency by 20%


Business Results – Production Department, NY

  • Decreased Cost by 21%
  • Increased EBITDA by 23%
  • Increased efficiency by 20%
  • Decreased lead time from 9 weeks to 2 weeks
  • Decreased WIP (work in progress) from 90K units to 25K units
  • Decreased finished goods inventory by $1M.


Business Results – Cleveland, Ohio

  • Decreased Cost per product from $172.00 to $90.00
  • 48% improvement
  • Reduced direct production cost 30%, lead- time 30%
  • Achieved 86% of employee satisfaction, best in the group globally
  • Supported turnaround of the company
  • Improved safety, quality, and people

Areas of

  • Sell Side Exit Prep
  • Leadership
  • People/Human Capital
  • Customer Experience

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