John Warren

Construction, Petrochemicals, Technology
“If you think the battle is hard, try the consequences of quitting.”

About John

John delivers a reputation as a multi-faceted executive with a hands-on record developing solutions and leading teams through execution and development towards cultural and operational change. John is known to ask the hard questions that elicit answers that will facilitate the requisite change. He is not engaged to be passive. John is engaged to assess the Mid-Market Client’s needs and wants, develop a strategy; roll up his sleeves alongside the client, and actively assist in achieving their goals.

Client Results

  • Driving Growth: Devised and evaluated the demand for new products, recruiting and fostering new wholesale, retail, and contract business opportunities, escalating business sales by 95%.
  • Contract Development & Negotiation: Secured a contract acquisition that utilized the company’s material merchandise, boosting annual sales of the product line by 200%.
  • Turnaround & Innovation: Pinpointed and resolved issues in under-performing areas, streamlining processes and operations through root cause analysis, resulting in a year-on-year sales increase of 50%.

Areas of

  • Restructure and Turnaround
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Customer Experience
  • Firm Strategy & Positioning
  • Family Business Succession
  • People / Human Capital

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