Keith Stentiford

Atlanta, GA

Putting structure around growth and operational excellence ----Encompassing all facets of transformational leadership by bringing the outcome into focus, and methodology to achieve the say/do commitment
About Keith

Keith Stentiford brings over 35 years of C-level executive leadership and operations experience to his coaching/consulting practice, which he started in 2012. His expertise spans multiple market verticals, from mass transportation and electrical power to enterprise software and startup ventures. He has held senior C-level leadership positions in companies such as GE, Siemens, Alstom, and Spescom Software Inc. As a valuable consultant, coach, advisor, and board member for Fortune 500 and mid-market companies, he applies rigorously defined structures to operational practices that lead to sustainable profitable growth. In addition to fine-tuning company operations, Keith’s coaching also centers on challenging established thinking and creating a “say-do” work culture — that is, individuals commit not just to goals but to the actions needed to complete those goals. He also believes people are the real business differentiator, and his coaching helps clients improve their business outcomes by changing internal company attitudes and cultures.

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