Laura Bingham


A candle burns brighter when lighting another candle. Adapted from James Keller, 1910-1977.

Laura’s career as an executive and board director demonstrates leadership in governance, capital raising, higher education, health care, investor relations and asset management.  A connector and catalyst, she led the case to drive enhanced profile, quality, reputation, and stakeholder support for two colleges and for an academic medical center.  As a College President for 12 years, Laura achieved top 10% student learning outcomes, curriculum distinctions, and fundraising milestones. As an executive, she’s led change and driven strategy while building high-performance work cultures and brand identity.  As a director, advisor or trustee to 25 entities, Laura has focused on growth strategy, stakeholder engagement and board effectiveness. 

Laura is a seasoned Independent Director of Sterling Capital Funds (7B AUM), serves on the Advisory Boards of Glen Lennox LLC REIT and uMETHOD Health, and holds the NACD designation of Governance Fellow.