Mark Rosenman

Education, Healthcare, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Technology
“Newport has given me a way to participate in the incredible dynamism of the emerging growth sector of the entrepreneurial economy. Disruptive upstarts are harnessing the power of technology, innovative business models, fresh mindsets and fully engaged talent in amazing ways. Industry incumbent firms beware!”

About Mark

Mark Rosenman has deep experience developing processes, systems and content to create value from intellectual capital.

Serving as the Chief Knowledge Officer at Tatum, he successfully drove strategies to develop, capture, share and deploy the knowledge and experience of the firm’s professionals.

He was instrumental in creating Tatum’s first formalized, national subject matter expert network to drive business development and service delivery.

Prior to Tatum, Mark was Practice Manager of the Global Organization Practice at McKinsey and played a significant role in developing the firm’s knowledge portal and content management processes. He has also served as a VP of Research at Gartner, where he performed groundbreaking research into the role of the CFO.

Earlier in his career, he was an IT Manager at KPMG where he helped develop the firm’s first knowledge management environments.

Client Results

  • Enhanced the effectiveness of a major telecom’s social media marketing by creating informative, compelling content to drive brand building and lead generation.
  • Helped a large service provider build their value proposition to private equity by authoring content that enhanced their messaging.
  • Helped several professional services companies enhance their value to customers by building systems and processes that enable professionals to tap into and articulate their colleagues’ experience and expertise.
Mark Rosenman

Areas of

  • An Enterprise content/knowledge management strategy and execution.
  • Design of intranet and document collections and document management processes.
  • Corporate communications strategy.
  • Strategy for cultural change to facilitate knowledge sharing between lines of business.
  • Shared Services feasibility analysis, vendor selection and execution.

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