Michael Burney

Northern California

“The most likely way to reach a goal is to be aiming not at the goal itself, but at some more ambitious goal beyond it.”  Arnold Toynbee

Michael has a track record as an effective CEO, CFO and senior executive of small and large companies, private and public, domestic and international. He utilizes a detail oriented, interactive systems approach to board, management, financial, geographical, and environmental issues.

He has operating experience with companies in diverse range of industries and has recently completed roles as an interim CFO, financial advisor and a financial diligence for several small to mid-sized private companies, as well coordinating a joint proposal from a Chinese company and a Hong Kong company to the City of Hong Kong for a public works project.

Some previous accomplishments include leading a 2-year turnaround of a public company as CEO increasing market capitalization from $8M to $80M, managing daily cash for a computer hardware company that grew from $200M to $4.4B over 5 years, and as CEO he directed the development of the first solid-state video projector with no moving parts. Michael has three patents for Volumetric Electronic Holography in the U.S. and in sixteen countries internationally. Michael has experience as a Board Director for both public and private companies.