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About Peter

Peter has extensive experience as a senior executive and advisor, responsible for issues like corporate restructuring, debt management, cost management and all forms of public and private debt and equity securities and fund raising.

Following a successful career on Wall Street with J.P Morgan & Co., he has had executive roles in finance, engineering and operations management. Peter has served on the boards of  public and private companies in oil and gas, pipelines, coal, heat dissipation technology and wireless, among other industries.

As SVP of Triton Energy (NYSE), he performed extensive corporate structuring and financing across businesses in 18 countries. A founder and director of Nviro Cleantech plc, Peter helped to form a company to commercialize a range of clean environmental technologies, and led the IPO.

He is founder and CEO of MacArthur Energy, a company formed to produce clean, solid and renewable solid fuels, Peter was also Managing Partner for Private Equity for Tatum LLC.

Client Results

  • Restructure of exploration, production, and finance in an international energy company reducing staff by 30%.
  • Led clean environmental technology company from startup through IPO and second round of funding.
  • Refinanced diamond and jewelry manufacturing company in transition from bank to non-bank financing.
Peter Rugg

Areas of

  • Assist emerging growth companies in planning and implementation of strategies to grow.
  • Review corporate and tax structure for companies with global operations.
  • Advise on business reset, implementing No Man’s Land and Four Ms frameworks.
  • Advise middle market companies on alignment of sales, production, operations, finance, human resources, compensation, and technology for growth.
  • Guide Board development designed to empower management while creating appropriate checks.

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