Tom Racca

Education, Healthcare, Media/Entertainment, Professional Services, Technology, Telecommunications
“Experience is not the best teacher. Other people’s experience is the best teacher.” Andy Andrews

About Tom

Tom is an innovative senior executive specialized in working with technology companies.  He provides a broad and deep background in technology, marketing, business development, value creation and M&A.  Tom is a successful serial entrepreneur with a track record of building and developing exit strategies and managing post-merger integrations. with a unique blend of marketing, product management, GTM, business development and revenue generation to optimize value.  He has a special expertise in aligning products and services to gain market share and leadership positions.  Tom is a hands-on, collaborative problem solver as well as a valuable consultant, coach, advisor, and independent Board member.

Client Results

  • Led the new product and marketing strategy of a technology company to position themselves as a market leader.  Secured key OEM partnerships which led the company to a successful sale of 71x annual earnings in 17 months.
  • As interim CEO for an international technology company, aligned product and marketing functions with a focus on key and unique value propositions.  Secured multiple key customers which led to successful acquisition by industry leader in six months.
  • Led the market analysis for a technology company and re-focused global marketing and sales efforts including establishing major channel/distributor relationships.  Re-aligned product, marketing, and sales efforts to bring focus and increased successful execution resulting in 42% increased revenues in 12 months.

Areas of

  • Firm Strategy and Positioning
  • Innovation
  • Sell Side Exit Prep
  • Digital Transformation
  • Leadership
  • Restructure and Turnaround
  • Customer Experience

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