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Michelle Jack

Strong and comprehensive expertise of finance and accounting. An energetic and passionate strategic partner with deep understanding of manufacturing and logistics. Futuristic mindset that is creative and innovative that helps define the “how” to

Jul 21 •7 min read

Bob McDonnell

Bob has held senior leadership positions in Executive Learning and Leadership Development, Business Development for professional service organizations, and Civil and Environmental engineering consulting. Bob was recently a senior Business Development

May 26 •7 min read

Eric Jepsky

Eric managed hyper-growth at Netscape, eBay, and PayPal with expertise in technology and business development.  He served as COO and CRO at middle market and startup technology companies and has several exits. Eric has deep experience in financial s

Jan 31 •7 min read

Joe Denis

Joe is experienced in Growth Strategy, Marketing, Sales & Business Development with an extensive record of growing global business value, igniting revenues and driving profitability.  His unique blend of revenue growth skills, both strategic and

Jan 31 •7 min read

Don Koller

Joining Newport LLC’s Southern California practice, Don Koller brings to Newport a solid background as a serial CEO adept in the consumer products space, principally the food industry.  He has a history of providing leadership with successful res

Aug 14 •7 min read

Tony Cord

Tony Cord brings to Newport an accomplished background as a practice leader, business growth driver, board member and trusted advisor to mid-market, emerging growth and PE-backed companies and their sponsors. He leads Newport’s Mid-Atlantic Pra

Feb 21 •7 min read

Suniti Ponkshe

Suniti is a senior healthcare executive known for her excellent client service, business acumen and extensive experience in healthcare operations and technology. Her long successful career in the private and public sector includes working with many d

Feb 21 •7 min read

Sherri Wolf

Sherri is a seasoned finance and operations professional with deep experience scaling up operations and financial structures of emerging growth companies. Sherri began her career on Wall Street with Salomon Brothers and then became an equity research

Feb 21 •7 min read

Sam Johnson

Sam is a seasoned executive with a proven record of developing and implementing strategies to enhance revenues and profits across a variety of industries. For the last 23 years he was part of the Graytrout Group, a Georgia-based consultancy, where he

Feb 21 •7 min read

Peter Rugg

Peter has extensive experience as a senior executive and advisor, responsible for issues like corporate restructuring, debt management, cost management and all forms of public and private debt and equity securities and fund raising. Following a succe

Feb 21 •7 min read