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Eric Jepsky

Eric managed hyper-growth at Netscape, eBay, and PayPal with expertise in technology and business development.  He served as COO and CRO at middle market and startup technology companies and has several exits. Eric has deep experience in financial s

Jan 31 •7 min read

Danguole Altman

Danguole is an experienced CEO with a history of success in life sciences and health care services. She has founded two successful firms, raised over $40 Million in capital and recruited top-notch management teams. Within health care services, she is

Apr 01 •7 min read

Sherri Wolf

Sherri is a seasoned finance and operations professional with deep experience scaling up operations and financial structures of emerging growth companies. Sherri began her career on Wall Street with Salomon Brothers and then became an equity research

Feb 21 •7 min read

Peter Rugg

Peter has extensive experience as a senior executive and advisor, responsible for issues like corporate restructuring, debt management, cost management and all forms of public and private debt and equity securities and fund raising. Following a succe

Feb 21 •7 min read

Michael Burney

Michael has a track record as an effective CEO, CFO and senior executive of small and large companies, private and public, domestic and international. He utilizes a detail oriented, interactive systems approach to board, management, financial, geogra

Feb 21 •7 min read

Jed Dunn

Jed is a successful entrepreneur and executive who, as owner and CEO of Coleman Resources, built a regional commercial printing and specialty manufacturing company that provided design, printing, fulfillment and logistics services. He repositioned th

Feb 21 •7 min read

Fred Fink

Fred has been successful both as an executive and an entrepreneur. Much of his career has been spent in different sectors of the healthcare industry. As founder and CEO of Optical Resources Group, a consolidator in the wholesale optical laboratory in

Feb 21 •7 min read

Ferey Faridian

Ferey is an experienced board member, company builder and CEO adviser specializing in helping technology-led companies get funding, grow, build value and exit. He is a consensus builder with a strong finance, strategy and technology background. As a

Feb 21 •7 min read

Eran Tagor

Eran has diverse experience in executive management, venture capital, private equity and M&A, including turnaround, restructuring and special situations transactions. He was the Chairman of the Board and has been CEO of PowerSines Ltd, an interna

Feb 21 •7 min read

Dennis Albano

Dennis has had impressive accomplishments as a CEO of companies ranging from start-ups to large divisions of public corporations. He was until recently CEO of Zixi, Inc., a breakthrough software service for live video delivery that enables high-quali

Feb 21 •7 min read