Problem, Meet Solution

Your business challenge becomes our immediate focus

The Newport Advantage

CEO Perspectives

Being the owner or CEO of a business is a lonely, stressful job. You have to make difficult ‘bet the business decisions’, often alone. We partner with you, helping you make and implement the tough, strategic decisions that drive growth, improved performance, or even a sale.

For CEOs of middle market companies, Newport is a strategic advisory firm that helps them accelerate GROWTH, improve PROFITABILITY and successfully SELL their businesses.


Critical Points

Every business hits bumps in the road. Maybe growth has stalled, operations aren’t humming along, or you need to raise capital or sell the business. At these critical points you have tough decisions to make that you may have never made before. We partner with you to help make and implement those tough decisions.

An Extension

of Your Team

Serving as CEO advisors, board members and interim or fractional executives, we partner with you over the long term to help you reach your goals, working so closely with you that we become an integral part of your team. Our job is to be available on a regular basis to pull you out of the fires of day-to-operations and help you think strategically, focus on your longer-range vision and make the right decisions to achieve it.

The Advantage

Is Yours

What's different about Newport is that we have hands-on 'in the trenches' experience founding, growing, operating and selling businesses, so we bring real insights and proven solutions. We understand the intellectual and emotional challenges CEOs and owners like you face and truly care about your personal and professional success – and we have a rich network of seasoned partners and allied service providers with diverse capabilities to help you succeed. Newport becomes your competitive advantage.