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The various cycles of business sometimes lands you in No Man’s Land. Learn how to get though.

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Thank you for taking the time to assess the status of your company and your leadership team. Please review your results below. Based on the number of times you answered Yes, you might want to explore the possibility your company is in or approaching No Man's Land.

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Answer Summary

Has sales growth stalled?

Do you feel you are losing your competitive advantage?

Is your team looking to you to make all the big decisions?

Do longtime, loyal employees seem in over their heads?

Are you having trouble attracting and retaining top talent?

Do you find yourself making important decisions based on instinct rather than on relevant data?

Are you working harder but not making more profit?

Are you having difficulty obtaining financial resources for growth?

Is quality becoming a problem? Are you finding yourself dealing more with customer problems than with building customer relationships?

Are you frustrated because you don’t have time to do what you do best?

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