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When faced with an uncertain environment, one of the best steps you can take is proactive planning for both the short and long term. This series of webcasts is designed to help your company do just that. We’ll provide tools and guidance to help you navigate growth and profitability challenges industry brought on by COVID-19 and prepare for recovery.

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Preparing Your Company for Acquisition

  • Any company seeking to exit must be extremely well prepared to pass the diligence process and protect against the buyer obtaining leverage to reduce the sales price or even abandon the deal.
  • Because most entrepreneurs and companies rarely experience a transaction process, the ground-level experience is fundamental in knowing how to build business value in the main areas important to increasing a company’s worth to potential buyers.
  • The exit / transaction process is complex and one, one that a typical business owner has rarely experienced, “Transaction Readiness Assessment” can help bridge the knowledge gap and lead to a more realistic assessment of a company’s deal-ready status.
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Supply Chain Management

  • The pandemic has caused companies to shift their supply chain strategy away from a cost-driven, Asia-centric approach to one placing greater emphasis on flexibility and resilience, including alternate sources of supply and more domestic and/or near-shore sourcing
  • Savvy organizations are embracing the creative use of technology to simultaneously increase supply chain velocity AND flexibility
  • When reconfiguring a global supply chain, incorporating the impact of international taxes and tariffs is absolutely essential
  • It is still largely unclear what impact the new Biden administration will have on the cost and effectiveness of an organization’s existing supply chain strategy
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Digital Transformation & Customer Experience

  • Rapid change is here to stay – Get your company to have muscle memory to test and implement change
  • Embrace shared document and collaboration tools to drive productivity. Eliminate documents as attachments.
  • New solutions are coming fast that will drive in-person experiences as well as digital with 3D.
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Go-to-Market Product and Sales Strategies

  • Digital trends and complexity in sales and marketing have accelerated dramatically for both B to B and B to C businesses
  • Near universal imperative to reassess your product or service offering, strategy, messaging and tactics
  • Immediate goal is to rapidly understand your core competencies and align and commit internal resources around protecting and building them
  • Leverage experienced outside resources (like Newport) to accelerate the process, execution and bundling of best of breed 3rd party vendors
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Cash Flow Strategies to Weather a Downturn

  • Manage profitability – Most companies have a narrow margin for error, a 10% decline in revenue could wipe out profits. Having a plan to identify early warning signals and levers you can use to adjust the business is critical to long term success.
  • Identify and maintain your strengths— What distinguishes your ability to serve customers. Develop a plan to protect and build on the strengths to add value for your customers without increasing your costs.
  • Manage liquidity as hard as profitability – Plan to turn over every balance sheet dollar faster to contribute to working capital allowing you to maximize cash flow. This helps you be ready for the future when you want to raise capital or sell the company.
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Leadership in an Uncertain Environment

  • Adaptability and responsiveness must be a central theme in all strategic planning initiatives
  • Plans must explicitly seek to bridge the current and future states – even when it’s challenging
  • Enhanced team communications are required to sustain company culture during uncertain periods
  • Employee recruiting, development and retention all require substantial creativity to maintain forward progress
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