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We have always advised our clients that, if they going to use an M&A advisor, or a business broker, they deserve a firm that will…

  • Will listen deeply to truly understand our business – our strengths, weaknesses, drivers, opportunities, and challenges that make us unique.
  • Will use its analytical capabilities and deep and broad experience working with thousands of companies to identity our company’s hidden strengths, weaknesses, drivers, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Will bring an unprecedented level of expertise, experience, and creativity in both the corporate finance and operational realms, because they are inextricably tied to each other and cannot be addressed in a vacuum.
  • Will be 100% candid with us 100% of the time, even if it involves telling us what we don’t want to hear.
  • Will give us the advice we need to achieve our objectives, even if it does not involve a transaction or the prospect of a transaction.
  • Will help us formulate our objectives and the action steps and milestones needed to achieve our objectives.
  • Will understand and appreciate the challenges of business execution and assist us in formulating a plan so that objectives are achieved in the most efficient, expeditious manner possible.
  • Will, if a transaction is needed, lead a process that best meets our company’s needs in terms of price, structure, speed, efficiency, transparency, professionalism, and the choice of our transaction partners.
  • Will, if a transaction is needed, have ready access to the transaction partners that are best able to meet our needs.
  • Will, at every point in our relationship and in every transaction process, act solely in the best interest of our company.
  • Will be driven not by transactions and fees, but by the desire to add value to our company, to help us achieve our long-term objectives in a positive, highly professional environment.

At Newport, we are proud to deliver on the above.  It’s who we are and what we do.

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