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Your business is likely your largest investment and the source of financial stability for you and your family. Just as you manage the value of other investments in your portfolio, you also need to actively manage and increase the value of your company. This is our specialty at Newport – helping you build your business’ value.

The Value Acceleration Program, the foundation of our approach to value creation, is a set of research-based tools and methodologies for building and managing the value of growth stage companies. Our proven, research-based process has been used successfully with 100s of such companies.

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Value Acceleration Program

The Value Acceleration Program is a set of tools and methodologies for building and sustaining the value of growth stage businesses. It was developed and is delivered by Newport partners, each of whom has substantial C-level operating experience and a superb Business IQ. This research- and experience-based program has helped 100s of growth stage companies grow significantly.

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We take a holistic approach, analyzing and optimizing every part of your business to discover your unique challenges and opportunities. Then, we create a blueprint for success and implement it with you to ensure outstanding results with less risk.

The Value Acceleration Program is based on research with 1000’s of middle market companies and created by middle market experts with C-Suite experience.

Why Newport?

We specialize in creating value for privately held, growth stage companies. The rigor of our holistic approach sets us apart, as does our cadre of experienced partners, each of whom has substantial tenures as successful owners, CEOs and C-suite executives.

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10 Strategies to Finance the Growth of Your Business

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