Newport intensely focuses on profitability because it is the only way to control your own destiny.


Capital Structure

Newport provide intensive guidance to emerging growth companies facing a “capital gap”. We help clients evaluate all relevant sources of debt and equity growth capital. Newport also provides guidance on upgrading systems and processes to assure prospective investors and financiers of accurate auditability and manageability. 

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Financial Advisory

Newport’s expertise includes infrastructure development and updating – aligning departments and systems, providing timely, accurate and relevant reports for decision making, and, continually executing process improvement.

We provide guidance on financial projections and resource allocations, and present and future value estimates for financial institutions and investors

Finally, Newport covers finance community relations, cash management, capital structure, Outside Legal, Audit, Insurance and Consultant Relations

Firm Strategy & Positioning

Newport successfully performs as the CEO’s trusted intimate, sharing perspective and experience and providing advisory services, as the executive closest to the CEO.  We provide value through codifying the CEO’s vision into action and defining the financial steps to take the company into its future.

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Restructure & Turnaround

When crisis hits a business unexpectedly, you need experts with the experience and judgment to help you navigate out of trouble and survive. External independent experts like Newport can help you to triage the situation, manage cash and make good decisions quickly to conserve cash, maintain operations, restore credibility with lenders and creditors, keep good employees and determine a viable turnaround or liquidation plan.

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