We create value as trusted, highly experienced CEO advisors, seated Board Directors, and interim executives. When you engage a Newport partner, you also have access to an unparalleled collection of highly experienced C-level executives with deep industry and functional knowledge, as well as a network of select complementary professionals. We remove bottlenecks and solve the biggest challenges keeping you up at night.

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CEO Advisory Service

Many CEOs of privately held, growth stage companies say they could benefit from an advisor who has sat in their seat, understands their challenges, and can help them achieve the success they envision with less risk. An ally who can act as a sounding board and help them navigate the challenges of setting strategy, operating day to day, and achieving their vision for the company; and who can tap into a rich community of proven experts who can move the business forward.

Examples of Newport Advisor Projects include:

  • Profitability analysis and improvement
  • Acquisition strategy, targeting and integration
  • Capital readiness: for example, assessing whether the company is ready for private equity investment, then developing and executing plans to take on private equity at a favorable valuation
  • Fixing operating problems and broken processes

Newport's Board Experience

For smaller companies, our board work often starts with advising the CEO about the need for a board, how to establish it, and ways of implementing it to benefit the CEO and their company. We have extensive experience in counseling with existing boards on governance, succession plans, and ‘C-suite’ executive performance issues. Newport is a great choice when thinking about having a board or looking for an outside director. Outside directors bring independent thinking and market experience that can be invaluable for a company as it tries to scale, improve performance, and prepare for financial transactions.

Newport partners have extensive experience assisting companies with governance and risk management via service as seated board directors. Our partners have been selected to serve on over 90 commercial boards.

Interim Executive

Newport partners excel as fractional, C-suite executives in complex, business-critical situations. They bring experience, objectivity, and credibility to your leadership team, and act as your gateway to Newport’s experienced partner network and ecosystem of expert, third party resources.

We have the capability and deep experience to:

  • Integrate into operational leadership quickly and keep operations running smoothly
  • Understands the current state of finances
  • Review the most pressing short-term risks
  • Identify the underlying causes of longer term issues
  • Identify key initiatives for the Board to consider
  • Transition quickly from analyzing problems to developing solutions

Newport Partners are a known quantity; every partner is a senior-level operating executive closely vetted before being admitted to the firm. Newport’s nation-wide partnership is composed of experts in a wide range of industries that assist the interim executive with developing the best solutions to client problems. Newport executives, individually or as a team, bring experience, objectivity, and credibility to interim roles.

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