Case Study

Portfolio Company Recapitalization – A Rapid Response Team Engages In Less Than A Day

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  • A private equity firm’s portfolio company was considering a partial recapitalization to accelerate its growth
  • A third-party investor had been identified and was in the early stages of exploring a potential transaction
  • The PE firm recognized that it would need additional standby resources in the event the third-party investor did not move forward with a transaction
  • The firm contacted Newport in the morning and, by that afternoon, Newport had assembled a team to assist


  • Three Newport partners with relevant qualifications, including specific business sector and type of activity expertise, recapitalization transaction experience and short-notice availability, were quickly assembled and mobilized
  • The Newport team quickly connected with the PE firm, introduced the team and determined next steps


  • Newport was at the ready by creating an easy process that produced an expedited response to meet the client need
  • The Newport team supported the PE firm’s requirements and provided the necessary stand-by resources to allow the firm to make the appropriate decisions for its portfolio company
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