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Reversing the Steep Odds Against Your Success

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The odds against your success over the next five years are over 80%.  To beat the odds, the best and most successful tech CEOs engage regularly with trusted advisors.

Here is a rare opportunity to discuss the issues impacting your success with two top middle market executive advisors on a private and purely confidential basis.  Eric Jepsky and David Traversi possess an aggregate 60+ years of combined management, capital markets, and advisory experience. They are focused on your success, and ready to share their perspective on:

  • Strategic planning and execution

  • Sales and marketing

  • Operations

  • Human capital

  • Governance

  • Leadership

  • Financial considerations

  • M&A

  • Preparing for an exit

  • Customer experience

  • IT

  • Supply chain

  • Innovation

  • Digital transformation

  • Accountability

  • Teambuilding

…and every other conceivable issue now challenging you.

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Eric Jepsky

Eric Jepsky

San Jose, CA
Traversi David

David Traversi

San Francisco, CA

According to PwC, CEO turnover in the U.S. in 2018 was 17.5%, the highest rate in recorded history.  After a slowdown in turnover throughout the early stages of the pandemic, when companies and sponsors opted for stability over change of any kind, CEO turnover has increased dramatically in recent months, according to Forbes.  So, do the math.  There are over 80% odds that a CEO will fail and be replaced in the next five years.

Why the increasing turnover?  With cash now an economic commodity, talent and results are what distinguish winners from losers.  Companies, especially those backed by institutional investors, hire for talent and expect results.  When results disappoint, they act quickly to replace the talent.  And this is especially the case in the tech world where conditions change by the minute, and no one can afford to delay in pursuing an opportunity. 

What can you do to ensure your place among the winners in this extraordinarily challenging business environment?  Just like elite athletes and athletic teams rely on a cadre of support (e.g., conditioning coaches, mindset coaches, nutritional coaches, strategic analysts, statistical analysts, scouts), CEOs need their own cadres of support. And, although they don’t like to advertise it, the best and most successful CEOs of the best companies have their own support networks.  They have executive coaches (in fact, 2/3 of CEOs have at least one), strategic and operational advisors, fractional executives to assist in specific areas, team building advisors, among others.  As team leaders, they assemble the support to ensure, or at least heavily tilt the odds toward, success.  They refuse to allow their expectations to be undermined by inadequate capabilities.

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