Tech CEO Office Hours

Reversing the Steep Odds Against Your Success

Conference Room

The odds against your success over the next five years are over 80%.  To beat the odds, the best and most successful tech CEOs engage regularly with trusted advisors.

Here is a rare opportunity to discuss the issues impacting your success with two top middle market executive advisors on a private and purely confidential basis.  Eric Jepsky and David Traversi possess an aggregate 60+ years of combined management, capital markets, and advisory experience. They are focused on your success, and ready to share their perspective on:

  • Strategic planning and execution

  • Sales and marketing

  • Operations

  • Human capital

  • Governance

  • Leadership

  • Financial considerations

  • M&A

  • Preparing for an exit

  • Customer experience

  • IT

  • Supply chain

  • Innovation

  • Digital transformation

  • Accountability

  • Teambuilding

…and every other conceivable issue now challenging you.

Register below if are a tech company CEO or founder of a private company with at least $10M in revenue:

We hope you’ll sign up for a Tech CEO Office Hours session and take this critical step toward stacking the odds in your favor!

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Eric Jepsky

Eric Jepsky

San Jose, CA
Traversi David

David Traversi

San Francisco, CA