David Davies

Chemicals, Energy, Professional Services
‘It is better to do something than to do nothing while waiting to do everything’ – Winston Churchill

About David

I have spent more than 35 years advising on, developing and building successful businesses from the ground up; directing efficient and cost-effective operations; leading top-to-bottom business transformations; running P&Ls, and fueling profitable, organic and M&A growth. As such, I am well-versed at crafting and executing the vision, strategy, and operational plans critical in guiding public, private and family-owned companies to turn around performance, capture significant revenue and profit growth and emerge as market leaders or be positioned for an attractive exit.

Client Results

  • Saved a ticketing company from bankruptcy – turned around performance, sold non-essential assets, restructured the balance sheet, found new investors, and was elected ongoing Executive Chairman.
  • Family Owned Business:  Delivered Y-o-Y improvement in all KPI’s: fees-per-hour up 20%; revenue growth up 16%; gross margin up 26% and operating margin up 47%.
  • Professional Services Firm: Grew division from $12M to $37.2M in three years; Doubled penetration and PBT (8% to 16%); Best performing division in the firm.
David Davies

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