Susan Kearney

Managing Director
Education, Professional Services, Technology
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker

About Susan

I get great satisfaction from working side by side with growth-minded CEOs and their teams to build more value in their businesses. I appreciate the deep relationships I build with my clients and the exceptional results we achieve together.

My background includes roles as senior operating executive, board member, and advisor, primarily in the technology, education, and professional services sectors including for profit, nonprofit, and social enterprises. I have worked with venture and private equity investors, participated in a number of transactions, and managed post-merger integration from both buy and sell sides.

  • As COO at Network for Good, an online fundraising and donor management business, I guided the business to 40% annual recurring revenue growth after several years of flat or declining performance. During my tenure, our clients raised more than $250 million in donations each year, an increase of over 35% annually.
  • As co-founder at Voxant, an online video news business, I raised several rounds of investment, built a syndication network of over 200 content partners and 35,000 affiliates, and generated over 80 million ad impressions per month before selling the company to Grab Media (now Blinkx).
  • As a member of the management team, I built a business intelligence software company that was sold to Oracle Corporation; and a marketing automation company that was sold to Siebel Corporation.

Client engagements while at Newport include:

  • Advisor and Interim CEO at a growing financial software company helping the owners optimize the business and prepare for exit.
  • Strategic consultant at a health and beauty company helping the CEO and executive committee re-engineer the product process from idea to launch to full lifecycle management.
  • Advisor at a professional services company helping the CEO plan for growth via expansion to new markets.

Client Results

RESULT #1: Guided the owner of a government contracting company through a successful exit selling the business at 13X EBITDA.

RESULT #2: Increased revenue by 80% and EBITDA by 64% over as CEO of a SaaS company in the financial services sector.

RESULT #3: Increased ARR by 40% and grew customers by 30% as COO of a SaaS software company serving the nonprofit community.

Susan Kearney

Areas of

  • Optimize Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success
  • Develop & Launch New Products
  • Build Infrastructure to Scale
  • Acquire and Integrate a Business
  • Prepare for Transaction
  • Plan for a Successful Sale
  • Build a Board
  • Innovate Your Business Model
  • Attract, Engage and Retain High Caliber Talent

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