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Newport brings expertise in boosting your company’s value to successfully selling your company and realize the fruits of your labor.


Buy Side Acquisition Preparation

Newport provides full and thorough review of the target company that a buyer is focused on acquiring. We assist the buyer in providing a full understanding of the target company and its status. Newport has completed this investigation and analytic work for numerous clients, assessing the key issues impacting a target company. We also focus on the financial business drivers that determine the historic and projected results.

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Sell Side Exit Preparation

Newport’s expertise includes the analysis of businesses or entities for sale – including quality of earnings, balance sheet, working capital requirements, tax minimization and structure; as well as strategic and operational issues impacting Value.  We typically identify value enhancers and value suppressors, transition issues and anticipate, prepare and coordinate responses to Buyer’s questions and field inquiries.

Capital Strategies

Private business owners can better prepare for a capital raise or just increase the value of their business for their family by focusing on the three legs of the value stool – Strategic, Financial and Operational improvement. Together, these legs, if coordinated and approached in a methodical manner, can significantly result in a more valuable company and paving the way for a capital raise.  Newport has worked with numerous businesses to maximize value in preparation for a capital raise.

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