Case Study

Supporting an Early Stage, Founder-Owned Healthcare Technology Company

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“We will always engage Newport on every future healthcare deal we review going forward, as our PE firm sources and invests in new deals.”

Private Equity Managing Partner


  • A private equity firm was seeking to add healthcare companies as a new vertical to their developing portfolio
  • The Newport Healthcare Group was introduced to the PE firm through a close investment banking relationship
  • Newport was retained to perform diligence and assess an early stage, founder-owned technology services management healthcare firm that provides services technology and telemedicine to senior living communities


  • A Newport partner was engaged to source the management team after concluding that existing team was substantially inexperienced to grow the business
  • The existing management team was privately assessed and placed in positions which best utilized their skills
  • Key leadership positions were identified and filled
  • A growth-oriented strategy was developed which highlighted key areas where resources were needed to leverage and grow the business
  • New market verticals were identified and selected


  • The Newport partner was retained by the founder to serve on the Board to continue to reshape the organization and provide CEO advisory services
  • Revenue grew 75% and profitability grew 50% over 18 months
  • Market share increased by 30% and value of business nearly doubled in 18 months
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