Ferey Faridian

Northern California

“Success is knowing where we came from, where we are going, getting there to tell the story and helping others make the climb – I love my job!”

Ferey is an experienced board member, company builder and CEO adviser specializing in helping technology-led companies get funding, grow, build value and exit. He is a consensus builder with a strong finance, strategy and technology background.

As a serial CEO, he has extensive operations experience. Based on his experience as a partner and principal investor in both PE and VC funds, he helps with financing through his strong network of PE firms and investment banks. As a Fortune 500 corporate strategist, he can help companies plan for success. Ferey started his career in product development at Schlumberger, a Global 100 company and then Sagentia, a European leader in technology management and corporate venturing, transitioning to Fortune 100/Global 500 corporate strategy management consulting at LEK and middle market M&As at Montgomery & Co.

He brings a unique combination of expertise in operations, finance and strategic planning to CEOs and their boards in growth companies with sophisticated technologies, and to private equity fund managers investing in them. This expertise is built on his more than 25-years’ experience in aerospace, semiconductor electronics, wireless and optical communications, medical devices and industrial process control.

Ferey has worked internationally as a corporate strategist for clients in twelve countries, often at board level and in the executive office with CEOs of companies from multi-national conglomerates to start-ups, family and multi-owner middle market businesses. He earned a PhD in EE from University College, London, and an MBA in finance and strategy from Cambridge University.