Real Estate & Construction

3D modeling and printing, robotics, and building information modeling are technology trends that are at the fore in complex design and construction.

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Real Estate & Construction

The rapidly changing dynamics of our economic environment has an enormous effect on the real estate and construction industry. Coupled with globalization of capital, the acquisition of real estate by foreign investors and sovereign wealth funds, large scale private investment and public pension funds has changed the landscape of real estate and with that, the real estate construction industry. Increased competition for assets, emerging technologies and changing customer demographics including workplace realignment as a result of COVID 19 requires the real estate and construction industry to rethink traditional investment and ownership structures.

  • Newport LLC works with real estate and construction companies to help private and public companies improve property and company performance;
  • Adopt and build repositioning portfolios and design capital market strategies and serve as experienced CEO advisors and board members;
  • Streamline operations and improve performance;
  • Identify and mitigate risk;
  • Identify business opportunities or risks at the earliest possible stage of the business process;
  • Control transaction costs and,
  • Build relationships to help deliver increased return on investment

Newport LLC partners have decades of experience serving real estate and construction companies including preparing companies for a capital event.

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Peter Pintar

Houston, TX


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John Warren

Mid-Atlantic, US


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Michael Evans

San Francisco, CA


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